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2003-10-09 Sad but true: After 7 years, the band SERUM will no longer exist in this line-up.
The main reason for this breakup is the fact that the musical tastes and interests of the individual band members have become more and more diverse. So it got increasingly difficult to write songs that were "compatible" with everybody's perception of music.
But all of us will continue and appear in other bands, so please check this website for news once in a while!
Finally, a big THANKS to our fans for your support during all this time!
2003-05-14 Live Activities: Because we are concentrating on writing new songs, SERUM will probably be off stage for a while. But you have the chance to see some of the SERUM musicians performing live with other bands:
#1: Thomas Streck will play 6 shows with BONFIRE, supporting the WHITESNAKE world tour: May 27 (D) Cologne, May 28 (D) Hannover, May 30 (D) Stuttgart, May 31 (D) Munich, June 2 (A) Vienna, June 3 (CZ) Prague. Further tour information: www.bonfire.de or www.whitesnake.com.
#2: Klaus Engl und Markus Grützner will play with their band "7for4" at the 20th anniversary of the "Drummer's Focus" institute in Munich, along with more than 20 bands (the school's teachers with their bands, former students who had a successful career, and some special guests). Further information at www.7for4.de and www.drummers-focus.de.
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