Innovative Heavy Rock from Munich, Germany

heavy guitars ----- extraordinary keyboard sounds ----- funky bass ----- subtle yet powerful drums ----- a mighty voice ----- electronic sound textures ----- melodic heavy rock with a progressive touch ----- one of Munich's premier hard rock bands ----- impressive range of styles with influences from metal to fusion ----- make the music not only reach your head but go straight to your feet

1996 ----- founded in Munich by Wolfgang Gräbner, Markus Grützner, Thomas Streck, Martin Kursawe and Wolfgang Kotsowilis

1997 ----- first CD "Musiktherapeutikum", Klaus Engl replaces Wolfgang Kotsowilis on drums

2000 ----- CD "See Through My Eyes", worldwide release

2001 ----- European tour with AXE

2002 ----- demo CD "Close To The Fire", Martin Kursawe leaves the band

2003 ----- Alex Kirmayr joins SERUM

Wolfgang Wolfgang Gräbner ----- Voice

birthday: September 24 ----- first appearance: a song contest in 1988 with the band Skyway ----- favorite mike: Electrovoice ----- drink: red wine ----- food: pizza, pizza, pizza... ----- most impressing moments: walking through Sydney, whale watching ----- my heroes: David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Graham Bonnet, Goran Edman, Joe Lynn Turner, Jeff Scott Soto ----- favorite movie: Dancing with Wolves ----- bands: Zerox, Ace, X-ing ----- now available in: SERUM ...
Strecki Thomas Streck ----- Keyboards

birthday: December 29 ----- plays keyboards since 1976 ----- instruments: Roland Fantom, Korg Karma, Access Virus B ----- favorite drink: coffee ----- favorite food: pizza ----- favorite city: Munich ----- alltime heroes: Pink Floyd, Metallica, Prodigy, Trevor Horn ----- favorite movies: Gandhi, Star Wars ----- discontinued band projects: X-ing, Sieges Even, Eternal Flame ----- current band projects: Serum, Affair, Bonfire
Markus Markus Grützner ----- Bass

birthday: September 11 ----- favorite sports: basketball, mountain biking ----- also band member of: 7for4 (fusion), Zauberberg (funk&soul) ----- has played with: X-ING (heavy rock), Mango Fury (hardcore funk), Hair (original Broadway show), Jazz Patrol (fusion), Die Anonymen Pentatoniker (fusion)
Klaus Engl ----- Drums

birthday: September 8 ----- actually a studied drummer (graduated from Drummer's Focus in 1994) ----- band member of 7for4 ----- also plays with "Hubert Hofherr & the Bottom Line" (Munich's Blues heroes!) ----- drum teacher in great demand
Alex Alex Kirmayr ----- Guitar

birthday: April 26 ----- plays guitar since 1985 ----- main instrument: Carvin Holdsworth H1T ----- favorite drink: Caddenheads Single Malt Whiskey ----- favorite food: pizza ----- favorite city: Honolulu ----- my alltime heroes: Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Charlie Parker, Django Reinhardt, Abba, Mike Oldfield, Allan Holdsworth, Bon Jovi ----- favorite movies: Lord of the Rings, Titanic ----- discontinued band projects: Doc Bondage (Metal), Provoke (metal), Ballroom Pilots (metal), Dinah's Finest (gypsy jazz) ----- current band projects: Serum, String Bop (jazz duo)