Discography and sound samples

(untitled)       © 2002
pre-production for the next album

Sign In The Night MP3 (540k)
Stranger MP3 (790k)
Close To The Fire MP3 (510k)
Close To The Fire (full length) MP3 (2.9M)
Welcome To The Light MP3 (450k)

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See Through My Eyes       © 2000
Sky Productions / KDC
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Seven Wishes MP3 (330k)
How I Wished MP3 (450k)
Turn Back The Tide MP3 (380k)
Electrified MP3 (530k)
Reign Of Time MP3 (460k)
Daddy's Love
Sunshade MP3 (600k)
Crazy Way Of Life
Devil's Train
Father To Child
Suspicious (Remix)
Musiktherapeutikum       © 1997
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Ritual MP3 (300k)
Suspicious MP3 (320k)
Can't Get All MP3 (290k)
Part Of History